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Department of Public Works

Welcome to the Upper Darby Township Department of Public Works!

Our department is responsible for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all physical structures and facilities owned and maintained by the Township. We are committed to upholding the high integrity of clean stormwater discharging into nearby creeks, and we are responsible for compliance with the US EPA National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program. We also oversee all residential trash and recycling collection operations.

The Department of Public Works is divided into nine divisions: Electrical, Highway - Street Cleaning, Highway - Street Signs and Traffic Marking, Highway - Road and Bridge Maintenance, Parks Maintenance, Sanitation, Sewer - Construction, Sewer - Maintenance, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Each division is responsible for specific tasks and services that are essential to the operation and maintenance of the Township. Whether it's maintaining and repairing traffic signals and street lights, cleaning and maintaining Township roadways and parks, or collecting and disposing of residential trash and recycling, we are dedicated to providing high-quality services to the residents and businesses of Upper Darby Township.

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The Electrical Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 121 traffic signals and controllers in the Township; 4,580 street lights; 42 flashing school warning signals; and 14 flashing dangerous curve warning signals.  They also maintain the electrical systems for all of the Township owned properties and provide generator service for power outages for traffic intersections.

Highway Roads and Bridge Maintenance 

The Highway Roads and Bridge Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the physical maintenance of 122 miles of Township roadways.  This includes:  repair of potholes and sinkholes; snow removal, brining roadways in preparation of snow; removal of debris on the roadway; and leaf collection.  This Division is also responsible for maintaining the structural integrity and repair of all Township vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

Parks Maintenance 

The Parks Division inspects, repairs and maintains on a year-round basis the Township's 27 playgrounds, 24 baseball fields and 6 football fields and all buildings on those fields including grass cutting, lining fields and daily trash removal.    This division is also responsible for:  snow removal; all tree work in the Township including removing trees blocking roadways and creeks; and the trimming of trees around traffic signs and street lights.  Parks also cleans up and cuts the grass of the many abandoned properties in the Township.

Paint & Sign 

The Highway Street Signs and Traffic Marking Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the installation, removal and maintenance of all signage and pavement markings on the public right-of-way including crosswalks, fire zones and handicap spots. This Division also provides barricades for road closures.


The Sanitation Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the weekly pick-up and safe disposal of residential trash and single stream recycling for the over 30,000 households in the Township.  This division is also responsible for the pickup of  bulk trash (large metal appliances), TVs, yard waste, Christmas trees (details noted in the Township Newsletter) as well as the daily pickup of all the trash barrels in business districts.

Street Cleaning 

The Highway Street Cleaning Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the sweeping, removal and safe disposal of debris from the Township roadways as well as leaf collection.

Sewer Construction 

The Sewer Construction Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Township's buildings and sidewalks.

Sewer Maintenance 

The Sewer Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of the Township's 90 miles of storm and  approximately 146 miles of sanitary sewer systems, manhole covers and storm inlets. This Division is available 24/7 to respond to emergency 911 calls of sewer back-ups or overflows stemming from the Township's sewer main. 

Vehicle Maintenance 

The Vehicle Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of the 200+ municipal owned and operated vehicles including vehicles from the Upper Darby Police and Fire Departments. The Vehicle Maintenance Division also services the Township's gasoline and diesel fueling stations.

Director of Public Works 

Joseph P. Martin, Jr.


Joe Martin is the Director of Public Works.  He began his employment with Upper Darby Township in September 2003 as a master electrician in the Electrical Division working his way up to position of Director of the Electrical Division.  Through his dedication and leadership qualities be became the Director of the Public Works Department.  Joe is a long term resident of Upper Darby and a graduate of Monsignor Bonner High School.

As the Director of Public Works, he is responsible for the supervision of the 100+ full and part-time employees and supervisors in the following divisions:  Electrical, Highway, Parks, Paint & Sign, Sanitation, Street Cleaning, Sewer Construction, Sewer Maintenance and Vehicle Maintenance.  Besides the day to day operation of the Township, Joe's responsibilities include:  heading the snow removal operation as well as any other weather emergency; applications for County Aid, purchasing of trucks and large equipment for the Township; budgeting of funds for Public Works; navigating requests from residents and council; and streets resurfacing, 

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