Trash & Recycling Calendar

CLICK HERE for the printable January 2024 trash and recycling newsletter.

Upper Darby offers curbside collection services to promote responsible disposal of your trash, recycling, and yard waste. The calendar below details which day of the week our Sanitation Division collects trash and recycling in your area. 

Area  Day of the week
1 Friday Trash, Wednesday Recycling
2 Tuesday Trash, Wednesday Recycling
3 Thursday Trash, Monday Recycling
4 Monday Trash, Thursday Recycling
5 Thursday Trash, Tuesday Recycling
6 Monday Trash, Friday Recycling

Not sure what area you're in? Look it up by typing your address into the search box in the top right corner of the map below. Enter your home address and then click the blue dot. A table should appear, click the arrow symbol and it will show you your trash and recycling days. Click the home button on the left side to reset the map. 

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