Snow Removal

Snow Emergencies

Upper Darby Public Works crews work very hard to keep roads clear of ice and snow and respond to hazards during winter storms. Our crews utilize up to 22 plows along with brine and salt to prepare roads for travel during and after a winter snow event. It is important to note that streets may not always be cleared to blacktop. Some snow and slush may remain on the road surface, especially if the snow is light and powdery and there is low likelihood that the snow will refreeze. Our staff monitor the weather very closely and utilize a professional weather service with provides detailed information regarding surface temperatures and the best times to brine, salt, or plow. 

Help Us Help You:

  • If possible, park cars in driveways or garages
  • No parking on Snow Emergency Routes
  • Please do NOT shovel snow into the streets
  • Please clear sidewalks within 24 hours of snow accumulation

What is a Snow Emergency?
There may be times when the falling and accumulation of snow and ice upon the streets of Upper Darby Township constitutes a significant danger to the safety and well being of residents and/or people traveling within the Township. At that time, a determination will be made by the mayor of Upper Darby Township to declare a "Snow Emergency" for the Township. The factors that will be taken into consideration for the declaration of a snow emergency are: the severity of the storm, ice, forecasted conditions, information received from the Upper Darby Police Department, and the Governor's declaration of a State Snow Emergency.

How Will I Know If A Snow Emergency Has Been Declared?
Please sign up for Delco Alert to ensure that you are notified when a Snow Emergency is declared.

What Are My Responsibilities When A Snow Emergency Is Declared?
Snow Emergency Routes are designated by snow emergency signs that will explain the responsibilities of residents located on those routes (List of Snow Emergency Routes & State Highways). After a Snow Emergency has been declared, residents will have 12 hours to move their vehicles off Snow Emergency Routes. Any vehicles that are not moved within the 12 hour time limit will be towed at the expense of the owner.

The emergency snow plan relies heavily on the cooperation of residents during a snow emergency. Parked vehicles left on snow emergency routes will cause both delays in service and potential safety concerns. Be sure to check if your street is a snow emergency route and be aware of when a snow emergency is declared. Your cooperation is essential.

What are Snow Emergency Routes?
These are the main "connecting" roads throughout the township that are essential for travel, those that are needed for access for emergency vehicles and those that are needed for access to schools or hospitals.

What are Secondary Roads?
These roads are the secondary level of necessity for travel within the Township.
The snow plan follows this guide of road levels to allow residents to travel as quickly as possible after snowfall. On Snow Emergency Routes, at least one lane in each direction will always be open. On secondary roads one lane will be open. Subsequent lanes will be opened weather permitting.

What Do I Do If My Vehicle Is Towed?
If your vehicle is towed, go to the Upper Darby Police Station located at 7236 West Chester Pike. At the Station they will direct you to the location where you can retrieve your vehicle. All expenses associated with the removal of your vehicle are the responsibility of the owner, and must be paid to the authorized towing contractor before you may retrieve your vehicle.

How Long Will a Snow Emergency Last? How Will I Know When It's Over?
A Snow Emergency will last at least 24 hours, however, the length may vary depending on the severity of the storm. Residents with access to cable or the internet should watch Channel 13 (Community Access Channel) or visit for an update on the status of the Snow Emergency. Residents who do not have access to cable or the internet may call the Upper Darby Township Snow Emergency Operations Center (610-734-7700) to inquire about the status and length of a Snow Emergency. Once the Mayor has declared an end to the Snow Emergency, it will announced at that number and on the website. Please remember that although Snow Emergency Routes may be opened, residents are not permitted to park there until the Snow Emergency has been terminated.

Why Did the Township Stop Plowing State Highways?
State Highways account for 25 miles of the road system in Upper Darby Township. Prior to 1996-1997, Upper Darby Township had operated under a contract with PennDOT to handle the snow plan for state highways located within the Township. After careful evaluation, Upper Darby Township determined that it was not in the best interest of our resident to continue the contract with PennDOT. The contract has been terminated, placing the sole responsibility of the opening of state highways back with the state. This will allow the Township to utilize all of its forces on local roads within the Township in order to better serve our residents.

What Are The Methods Of Road Maintenance?
There are a number of different methods used to maintain the roads for safe travel during the winter. At times, the snowfall may not be heavy enough to require plowing, and salt or cinders will be used. In such instances, the salting process will start on Snow Emergency Routes and continue until all roads are completed. Other times, snowfall may be heavy enough that trash pickup may be suspended to allow the use of trash trucks as additional plows. The following guide explains the snow plan by stages of storm severity and applies to all levels of roads:


0-3 inches: salt / anti-skid, no plowing required
3-10 inches: salt / anti-skid, plow, trash pickup continues
10 + inches: salt / anti-skid, plow, trash pickup suspended (trash pickup will resume as soon as possible)

How Can I Find Out More & Stay Up To Date on the Latest Snow Emergency Information?
Information regarding a Snow Emergency or Status of your neighborhood streets can be found out by: Calling the Upper Darby Township Snow Emergency Operations Center ( 610-734-7700 )

Information regarding the status of State Highways: PennDOT ( 610-566-0972 )

If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, please call: 9-1-1

Is It True That It's Illegal to Shovel or Plow Snow In a Street?
Yes. Under Ordinance 2845, it is illegal to shovel or plow snow into a public thoroughfare.

Where Can I Find A List Of Snow Emergency Routes & State Highways within the Township?
(List of Snow Emergency Routes & State Highways).


Snow Emergency Routes

  • 69th Street Blvd. (100-300 blocks)
  • Alexander Ave.
  • Ashland Ave. (600-700 blocks)
  • Ashland Ave. (400 block)
  • Beverly Blvd.
  • Bloomfield Ave.
  • Bond Ave.
  • Brittany Dr. (53000 block)
  • Bunting Ave. (800 block)
  • Bywood Ave.
  • S. Cedar Ln. (0-99 & 200-500 blocks)
  • Chestnut St.
  • Childs Ave. (300-600 blocks)
  • Dermond Rd.
  • Drexel Ave. (700-1200 blocks)
  • Edmonds Ave. (300-1200 blocks)
  • Fairfield Ave. (100-1600 blocks)
  • Ferne Blvd.
  • Harrison Ave. (300 block)
  • Hilldale Rd. (100 block)
  • Hilltop Rd. (7000-7100 blocks)
  • Hilltop Rd. (7200 block)
  • Huey Ave. (from Keystone to Lansdowne)
  • Huey Ave. (from Lansdowne to Burmont)
  • Kenwood Rd. (800-900 blocks)
  • Keystone Ave. (Landowne to Huey)
  • Keystone Ave. (Larchwood to W. Chester Pke.)
  • Keystone Ave. (1000-1600 blocks)
  • Larchwood Ave. (500 block)
  • Long Lane (0-99 & 100-600 blocks)
  • Marshall Rd. (3800-4000)
  • Marvine Ave. (4900 block)
  • Old Lane (1000 block)
  • Palmers Mill Rd (5000-5200)
  • Park Ave. (0-99 & 7800-7900 blocks)
  • Parkview Rd (7500-7800)
  • N. Pennock Ave. (0-99 & 100 blocks)
  • E. Penn Pines Blvd. (Thorndale to Providence)
  • Penn St. (800-900 blocks)
  • Pilgrim Ln. (0-99 block)
  • Pontiac Rd. (5100 block)
  • Powell Ln. (0-99 &100-200 blocks)
  • Reservation Rd. (5200 blocks)
  • Rhoades Ave. (900-1000 blocks)
  • Roberts Ave. (1000 block)
  • School Ln. (Lansdowne to Burmont)
  • Secane Ave. (1100 block)
  • Sellers Ave. (700-7200 blocks)
  • Shadeland Ave. (300-700 blocks)
  • Sherbrook Blvd. (0-99 & 100-300 blocks)
  • Sycamore Ave. (Bishop to Palmer Mill)
  • Turner Ave. (800-1000 blocks)
  • Walnut St. (Garrett to Powell)
  • Wayne Ave (7000-7200)
  • Westbrook Dr. (100 block from Brittany to Springfield)
  • Westbrook Dr. (200 block from Springfield to Westpark)
  • Westpark Ln. (5200 block, 200-300 blocks)
  • Winding Way (2200-2400 blocks)

State Highways

  • 69th Street
  • Baltimore Ave.
  • North Bishop Ave.
  • South Bishop Ave.
  • Burmont Road
  • Church Lane
  • Garrett Road
  • Lansdowne Ave.
  • North Lynn Blvd
  • Market Street
  • Marshall Road
  • Oak Ave.
  • Pembroke Ave.
  • Providence Road
  • South Ave.
  • Springfield Road
  • North State Road
  • South State Road
  • Township Line Road
  • Victory Ave.
  • West Chester Pike