Parking Enforcement FAQ

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Parking Tickets
How do I contest a parking ticket?

To contest a a ticket, wait to receive a summons from the district justice in order to receive a hearing.

How do I pay my parking ticket?

You may pay your ticket 3 ways:

  • online at 
  • Mailing a check or money order to Upper Darby Parking, 100 Garrett Rd, Room 10 Upper Darby, PA 19082
  • Pay in-person at the Long Lane entrance of the Township building.
    • Please note that when paying in person you must ring the doorbell and patiently wait for an employee to buzz you in as the building is locked to the public
    • As of now masks are recommended for all persons entering the township building 
Can I pay my parking ticket online?

Yes! You can pay parking tickets online by going to . You will need your ticket number or license plate number associated with the ticket to be able to pay online. 

How much is my parking ticket?

As listed on the fine next to the violation indicated on your ticket, it is $25. If the ticket is older than seven (7) days, the fine increases to $35.

Parking Meters
I don't have any quarters, how can I pay at the meters?

You can use the Passport parking app to pay for meter parking without using quarters. Download the Passport Parking app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and then create an account using your mobile phone number or email address.

  • Park anywhere you see Passport Parking app signs and decals
  • Pay for your parking session from your phone
  • Extend your time from your phone if you'd like to stay longer!

Still have questions? Visit the Passport Parking App FAQs.

We also offer the Upper Darby "Park Card" that work in our parking meters in lieu of quarters. You can purchase a Park Card from the Parking Office for $5 and then load the amount of your choice onto the card.

How do I rent meters?

If you are doing construction work or otherwise need to utilize sidewalk space that includes Upper Darby Parking meters, you must bring the meter numbers that you need to block off along with your approved permit from the Upper Darby L&I Department to the Parking office.

The daily rate to rent or block off a meter is $6 per meter. You may pick up the No Parking signs from our office or select to have one of our employees block off the meters for you after we receive your payment.

What hours are parking meters in Upper Darby operational?

Meters are in effect from 9am-9pm in the 69th business district and from 9am-6pm in other metered areas throughout the township.

Parking Lots
Where are Municipal pay lots located?

Lot 1 is located along the 100 block of Garrett Road directly across the street from the township building. 

Lot 2 is located along the 7100 block of West Chester Pike and Terminal Square, across from the Elizabeth Manor Apartments. There is a lot attendant in the booth to accept payments during the day.

How much is a parking spot in one of the municipal pay lots?

In Lot 1, the hourly rate is $1 and the daily rate for a parking space is $7. There are three solar powered kiosks that accept coins, bills, and credit cards for payments. Spots can be reserved monthly for the rate of $70 per month. In the case of a monthly reservation, contact the Parking Office to confirm availability and to receive a vehicle hang tag.

In Lot 2, the daily rate is $5. You can pay the lot attendant in the booth between 6 am -  12 pm. You can also pay online at Spots can be reserved monthly for the rate of $65 per month. In the case of a monthly reservation, contact the Parking Office to confirm availability and to receive a vehicle hang tag.

Which parking lots are owned and maintained by the township?

The township owns and maintains eight municipal lots. This include the municipal pay lots, Lot 1 and Lot 2, the metered lots of Chatham Lot, Fairfield Lot, Jones Lot, Samson Lot, and Wellington Lot and a free parking located on Long Lane.

Parking Kiosks
Where are the parking kiosks located?

There are three solar powered parking kiosks located in Lot 1, the municipal pay lot on the 100 block of Garrett Road across the street from the Township Building.

Which forms of payment do the kiosks accept?

All of our kiosks accept coins, bills, and credit cards for payments.

Electric Vehicles
Do you have electric vehicle chargers?

Yes, Lot 1 on Garrett Road has six electric vehicle charging stations.

General Parking Questions
How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

You may report abandoned vehicles to Upper Darby PD Community Affairs Officer at and the Mayor's request Line at

How do I get a handicapped parking spot?

Contact Administrative Services at 610-734-7620 or email

When is the office open?

Our office is open Mondays-Fridays, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

How can I contact the Parking Enforcement department?

You can call the office at 610-734-7646 or email us at

My car has been immobilized, what do I do?

Ordinance 3000 allows for the immobilization of vehicles that have five or more unpaid parking tickets that are 45 days past due. If your car has been immobilized with a boot or Barnacle you must follow the instructions placed on your vehicle and contact the office to make a payment arrangement.