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Township Planning 

Upper Darby’s most recent comprehensive plan was completed in 2018 and it is the responsibility of the Planning & Land Development division of the Department of Licenses & Inspections to ensure the goals stated in the comprehensive plan (typically updated every 10 years) are carried out as envisioned.

Fields of planning include, but are not limited to, urban/city planning, environmental planning, transportation planning and historic planning. These elements work together to create a vision for the future of a municipality. Click for more information on the Pennsylvania municipal planning commissions and comprehensive plans.

Land Development goals can be met by using implementation tools such as the Zoning Code and Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Code.

Upper Darby’s Subdivision & Land Development Process                                 

  1. Determine if your project is zoning compliant by meeting with the UD Zoning Officer. If complaint, move on to step two.
  2. Determine if your project triggers a subdivision or land development review. If it does not need SALDO approval, then continue at Step 8
  3. Submit your plans to the County Planning Commission [link] by filling out the ACT 247 form. See DCPD for fee.
  4. Submit your plans and the signed ACT 247 to Upper Darby Township Licenses and Inspections Department. Include a check as required by Upper Darby Township's Fee Ordinance. Your plan will then be sent to Planning Commission for review and recommendation.
  5. After submission to the planning commission, your plan will be reviewed by the Township’s engineer
  6. Once all engineering comments are addressed, your plan will be submitted to Township Council for approval and waiver requests.
  7. Have your finalized plans and agreements recorded as follows:
    • The recording process starts by the applicant and applicant’s engineer signing copies of the approved subdivision and/or land development plan, land development agreement, financial agreement and storm-water operation and maintenance agreement.
    • Then, the plans must then be submitted to Upper Darby Township and signed by the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer and Township Engineer.
    • Next, all plans must be signed by Delaware County Planning Department
    • Then, the plans will have to be brought to the Delaware County Board of Assessment and recorded with the Delaware County Recorder of Deeds
    • Lastly, one recorded copy of the plan must be returned to Upper Darby Township
  8. Submit building permits to Upper Darby Licenses and Inspections

For more information regarding the Planning & Land Development process please contact 

Joshua Chast, Asst. Director of L&I for Planning and Zoning