General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 610-734-7638
Emergencies: Dial 911
100 Garrett Road
Room 109
Upper Darby,

Monday - Friday; 9:00am - 4:00pm
appointments strongly encouraged

Animal Control

Animal Control      

Call: (610) 734-7640 



The primary objective of Upper Darby Animal Control is to preserve and protect the public through investigation and abatement of animal related nuisances. This is accomplished through the enforcement of the provisions of the Animal Control ordinances and other laws, regulations and policies.

Duties of the Animal Wardens include issues related to:

  • Barking Dogs
  • Dog Bites
  • Dog Defecation accumulation and clean-up
  • Feeding stray cats, birds or any other type of animals outside the home
  • Dogs and cats at large
  • Rabies vaccination certificates
  • Dog tags (which must be worn around the dog’s chain or collar at all times and must be registered with Delaware County)
  • Dog leashes 
  • Reporting any/all animal cruelty cases to Delaware County S.P.C.A Cruelty Officer
  • Submitting wildlife removal to the Delaware County Wildlife Trapper
  • Enforcing rules and regulations concerning rodent infestation 

Does my dog have to be licensed?

Yes. You must renew your dog license with the Delaware County Treasurer's Office every January. 


Is it okay to feed stray cats?

No. Upper Darby has an ordinance that prohibits cats from roaming the community. 


Is there an ordinance which limits the amount of pets living inside someone’s home?

No. However, pet owners must take proper care of their pets. They must have adequate food and water supply and be kept clean, free of urine and feces. There must be no offending odors inside or outside the dwelling.



Pet owners must take measures to prevent their pets from excessive barking, crying or making annoying noise.


Animals are not allowed to run loose. 


All animals must be secured by a leash. 


Animal droppings must be picked up immediately. 


Residents of Upper Darby may apply for access to the Kent Dog Park a fenced-in area for well-behaved dogs to get fresh air, exercise and playtime with other dogs.