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Rental Property License

(610) 734-7640

Rental Property Licenses are required for any dwelling in Upper Darby that is occupied by someone other than the owner for a period of one (1) month or more in any year. Rental Property Licenses must be renewed every year. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that their rental license is up to date and schedule the annual inspection by calling (610) 734-7640.


Every person, firm, corporation or any other type of entity owning, managing, or operating a dwelling unit and/ or rooming unit shall not rent, lease, let out or permit the same to be occupied without first applying for and securing a Rental Property License. More information may be found under Upper Darby Ordinance 3096 Section 417-11 AAA.


Upper Darby will send an annual reminder notice to owners to complete the Rental Property License Applicationpay a non-refundable fee, and schedule a Rental Property Inspection. Please note that it is the owner’s responsibility to be aware of the license expiration date and schedule the rental inspection to ensure they are in compliance at all times. Rentals that do not have a license are subject to violations.

Rental Property License Application (1 to 3 units within a property)

Rental Property (Multi-Unit) License Application (4 or more units within a property)

Rental Inspection Checklist.pdf

Exterior of property

‰   Address numbers at the front and rear     

‰   Electric service cable cannot be frayed, cracked, or broken

‰   Address numbers at the front and rear (4” high ½” brush stroke minimum)             

‰   Sidewalks, steps & walkways - no broken concrete or tripping hazards

‰   No peeling/flaking paint on woodwork exterior and interior

‰   No trash or debris on the exterior

‰   Grass/weeds/shrubs/trees maintained   

‰   Tenants must have two trashcans with lids 

Interior of property

‰   GFI receptacles are required in bathroom 

‰   Kitchen- receptacles on kitchen countertops must be GFI 

‰   Check for water damaged ceilings from roof or pipe leaks 

‰   Leaking sink traps (kitchen, bathroom, and laundry tub)

‰   Windows and skylights must be operable and have screens 

‰   Must have one smoke detector in each bedroom and on each level of the home and two carbon monoxide detectors. One in the basement and one on the second floor, just outside bedroom doors

‰   Hot water heater and furnace must have drip pipes or relief valves piped to within 6” of floor

‰   Dryer must be vented 

‰   Bathrooms need exhaust fan if there is no window or skylight

‰   Railings on stairwells

‰   Interior locks must be knob type (not keyed) for exterior egress

‰   Junction boxes, switches and receptacles require cover plates

‰   Sump pump- must discharge to exterior

NOTE: you must call to schedule your rental inspection within 30 days of submission of the application.