Zoning: Overview

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The intent of the Township zoning code is to provide a variety of land uses in a manner which is compatible with surrounding uses and at a density deemed appropriate for the specific area concerned. It is not the intent of the ordinance to exclude any legal use in an appropriate location. The zoning code seeks to promote the development of properly regulated commercial and industrial uses and avoid the undesirable mixture of incompatible uses while promoting residential neighborhoods that are safe, attractive and conducive to the protection of property values.

Township Zoning Code

The Township zoning map divides the Township into specific zoning districts each with their own regulations and requirements which are defined in our zoning code.

Township Zoning Map

The Zoning Hearing Board is an independent, quasi-judicial body which hears challenges and appeals to the Zoning Code, and considers variances from and exceptions to the requirements established and enforced under the Township Department of Licenses and Inspection.

Zoning Hearing Board