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Special Reports

Special Financial Reports 

Kapoor Co. Presentation to Upper Darby Council - Presentation on 4/20/22 Council Meeting, given by Vijay Kapoor, a financial consultant who worked with Upper Darby Township last year and presented in executive session.

Marcum LLP's Forensic Investigation Findings - The findings of the forensic investigation conducted by Marcum LLP, a top national CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firm specializing in tax, audit, forensic, & advisory services, regarding the management and accounting of ARPA funds disbursed to Upper Darby Township. 

Brinker Simpson Finance Department Update -  The presentation meant to be given on 6/15/22 at the Council Meeting. Contains updates on the Township's finance department. 

Brinker Simpson Financial Presentation- Presentation from 6/29/22 Town Hall concerning important financial updates for the Township.

ARPA Town Hall #3 Breakdown of Allocations  - Presentation from 8/15/22 Town Hall concerning the proposed ARPA fund allocations for the Township. 

Brinker Simpson Presentation - Presentation from 9/21/11 Council Meeting concerning financial inaccuracies in the Boggs report and financial updates from the Township. 

2023 Budget Address - From the Mayor to Council concerning updates on the preliminary 2023 budget.

2023 Budget Review - A breakdown of the preliminary 2023 budget. 

2023 Budget Presentation 11/2/22 - Updated Budget Presentation from Brinker Simpson

2023 Proposed Line Item Budget / 2023 Upper Darby Draft Budget Updated 11/15/22 - Breakdowns of the most updated 2023 proposed budget