Council Committees

Council Committees

Public Safety
Chair: Lisa Faraglia
Members:  Andrew Hayman, Danyelle Blackwell, Meaghan R. Wagner

Parks and Recreation Committee
Chair: Matt Silva
Members: Lisa Faraglia, Danyelle Blackwell, Michelle Billups

Municipal Services, Licensing and Public Works
Chair: Hafiz Tunis, Jr.
Members: Michelle Billups, Andrew Hayman, Brian Andruszko

Law And Government & Rules and Procedures
Chair: Matt Silva
Members: Meaghan R. Wagner, Laura Wentz, Andrew Hayman

Planning, Zoning and Building Code
Chair: Laura A. Wentz
Members: Lisa Faraglia, Meaghan R. Wagner, Andrew Hayman

Public Health and Environmental Affairs
Chair: Danyelle Blackwell
Members: Hafiz Tunis Jr., Sheikh M. Siddique, Matt Silva

Finance and Appropriations
Chair: Laura A. Wentz
Members: Matt Silva, Meaghan R. Wagner, Brian Andruszko

Community Engagement
Chair: Hafiz Tunis Jr.
Members: Danyelle Blackwell, Laura A. Wentz, Michelle Billups

Cultural Competency
Chair: Michelle Billups
Members: Matt Silva, Danyelle Blackwell, Sheikh M. Sidddique

Community Development
Chair: Sheikh M. Siddique
Members: Hafiz Tunis Jr., Brian Andruszko, Laura A. Wentz