Delco Alert - 8/12/22

Delco Alert 8/12/22

Hi, this is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with an important update for our Upper Darby community:

Construction at the Drexeline shopping center is in full swing and traffic will be affected on the 4900 block of Woodland Avenue. There is a large street sign posted at the intersection of Clarendon Road and Woodland Avenue; traffic is being directed to turn onto Clarendon towards State Road in order to limit the amount of traffic cutting through the shopping center during this phase of the project.  This phase is expected to last 5-6 weeks. 


As the 4900 block of Woodland Avenue is a one-way street heading southbound, residents of this block are still permitted to exit through the shopping center.  

There will be some growing pains during this $100 million dollar redevelopment project. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

On Monday, August 15 at 6:30 pm, in the township building, I will be hosting another Town Hall on the American Rescue Plan funding.  It will be streamed on the township YouTube channel as well.  So, that’s this Monday, at 6:30 in the township building, my 3rd ARPA Town Hall. 

This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer wishing you a good evening and a cooler weekend. 


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