Thursday,February 25, 2021 - Zoning Hearing Board


Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board under “The Upper Darby Ordinance of 2010” will hold a regularly scheduled Public Hearing on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. via an authorized telecommunication device due to the COVID-19 disaster public emergency that has been declared by Governor Wolf and Upper Darby Township.

Anyone who wishes to view this hearing can do so via the Upper Darby Township YouTube channel Those who wish to provide public comment must register on the Upper Darby Township website and you will be provided with a login code. The Board will consider matters within its jurisdiction and will receive testimony from persons who would be affected by the Granting of this Application for Special Exception, Variance or Appeal from the terms of the aforesaid ordinances.

11-11 of 19: Application of DINAVEL SQUARE, LLC c/o MUSI MALONE, & DAUBENBERGER,LLC for a Variance for relief from Section 902.H.1 to allow a billboard in the Recreational Zoning District and Variance from Section 902.H.4 to allow a billboard closer than 35’ to a street ROW; situate across from 1600 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, R-3 Residential District, on border of 5th District, 3rd Precinct.

1-2 of 21: Application of Dwight City Group for a use Variance under Article III, Section 301 from single family detached dwelling to multifamily dwelling/ apartments. The total amount of apartments shall not exceed 240. Site requires full utility tie ins and private road and would be cost prohibitive to develop single family homes; situate 800 East Providence Road, Clifton Heights, PA 19018. R-C Residential Conservation District, 2nd Council District.

2-1 of 21: Application of Michael McCormick for a dimensional Variance from Article X; Section 1002-A of the Upper Darby Township Zoning Code to allow accessory building to exceed maximum height of 15 feet; situate 631 Drexel Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA. R-1 Residential Zoning district, 1st council district.

2-2 of 21: Application of Olufunmilayo Balogun-Victor for a Special Exception under Section 1005 to allow property to be used as Group Living Quarters for people with intellectual disabilities; situate 3954 Stratford Road, Drexel Hill, PA 19026. R-3 Residential District, 2nd Council District.

2-3 of 21: Application of Jackie Borcky for use Variance from Article VI; Section 601-A to allow construction of single family semi-detached dwelling, a use Variance from Article VIII; Section 801-B.5 to allow parking within the front yard, and dimensional Variances from Article VI; Section 601-C to allow a front yard of 20 feet in lieu of the required 30 feet, side yards of 0 feet and 12 feet in lieu of the required 30 feet, and to allow a building coverage of 17% in lieu of the required 10%; situate 401 & 403 N. Sycamore Ave, Clifton Heights, PA 9018. REC Recreation District, 2nd Council district.

All communication relative to the zoning applications are to be addressed to Christopher McSween, Department of Licenses & Inspection, Municipal Building, Room 109, 100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082-3135.


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