Article VI Recreation Districts

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Article VI Recreation Districts

Section 600 Intent

It is the intent of this article to provide for the establishment of recreation districts which will provide for open space, outdoor active and passive recreation.

Section 601 REC Recreation Districts

601-A. Permitted Uses

A list of permitted uses is provided in Article III, Section 301, Table 3-1.

601-B. Special Exception Uses

601-C. Development Standards

The following lot, area, and bulk standards shall be required for every building or structure hereinafter erected, altered or used:

Table 6-1: Recreation District Development Standards

Minimum street frontage30 feet
Minimum front yard30 feet
Minimum side yard30 feet
Minimum rear yard30 feet
Maximum building height35 feet
Maximum building coverage10%

601-D. Parking

The parking requirements in Article VIII of this Ordinance shall apply.

601-E. General Regulations

The general regulations in Article X of this Ordinance shall apply.