Article VI ? Recreation Districts

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Article VI ? Recreation Districts

Section 600 ? Intent

It is the intent of this article to provide for the establishment of recreation districts which will provide for open space, outdoor active and passive recreation.

Section 601 ? REC Recreation Districts

601-A. Permitted Uses

A list of permitted uses is provided in Article III, Section 301, Table 3-1.

601-B. Special Exception Uses

601-C. Development Standards

The following lot, area, and bulk standards shall be required for every building or structure hereinafter erected, altered or used:

Table 6-1: Recreation District Development Standards

Minimum street frontage30 feet
Minimum front yard30 feet
Minimum side yard30 feet
Minimum rear yard30 feet
Maximum building height35 feet
Maximum building coverage10%

601-D. Parking

The parking requirements in Article VIII of this Ordinance shall apply.

601-E. General Regulations

The general regulations in Article X of this Ordinance shall apply.