Article II ? Establishment of Zoning Map, Districts, and Interpretation

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Article II ? Establishment of Zoning Map, Districts, and Interpretation

Section 200 ? Official Zoning Map

  • The Township of Upper Darby is hereby divided into zones or districts as shown on the Official Zoning Map which, together with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby adopted by reference and declared to be part of this Ordinance. The official zoning map may depict certain overlay zoning districts on a separate page of the official zoning map.
  • The Official Zoning Map shall be so designated and shall bear the seal of the Township of Upper Darby. It shall be maintained by the Zoning Officer and shall be made available for public inspection at the Upper Darby Municipal Building during normal business hours.
  • No changes, other than drafting errors, shall be made to the Official Zoning Map except as in accordance with amendatory ordinances as provided for herein.
  • In the event of discrepancy between the Official Zoning Map and any alleged copy of the zoning map, the Official Zoning Map shall prevail unless it can be shown that, as a result of drafting error, it incorrectly reflects the intent of an amendatory ordinance of Township Council.
  • Should the Official Zoning Map become lost, destroyed, or in some fashion difficult to interpret, it may be replaced by resolution of Council and the new Official Zoning Map shall bear, in addition to the Township Seal, the resolution number and date that it superseded the earlier Official Zoning Map. Whenever possible, the earlier Official Zoning Map shall be preserved as a part of the permanent Township record.
  • The Official Zoning Map shall, in all respects, conform to the requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

Section 201 ? Interpretation of District Boundaries

  • The boundaries between zoning districts are, unless otherwise noted, the center lines of streets and alleys, railways, streams, plotted lot lines and municipal boundaries.
  • Where a district boundary has been found, by the scale of the Official Zoning Map, to divide a lot which is in single ownership, the regulations applicable to the less restricted district shall extend over the portion of the lot in the more restricted district a distance of not more than fifty (50) feet.
  • Any interpretation of district boundaries not resolvable to the satisfaction of the Zoning Officer by an inspection of the Official Zoning Map shall be determined by the Township Council.

Section 202 ? Application of District Regulations

  • The regulations established by this Ordinance within each district are to be applied uniformly throughout said district.
  • No new use or structure shall be hereafter permitted which:
    • Does not conform to the use regulations.
    • Exceeds the height or bulk standards.
    • Accommodates or houses a greater number of families than herein authorized.
    • Occupies a greater percentage of the lot area.
    • Reduces the yard area below prescribed standards.
    • Violates other regulations included herein.
  • Existing uses and structures which predate the effective date of this Ordinance which were legal under the previous Upper Darby Township Zoning Ordinance, or which were defined as legal non-conforming uses or structure under the terms of that Ordinance, are deemed to be legal non-conforming uses under the terms of this Ordinance and are subject to the regulations of Article X, Section 1010 herein.
  • The following zoning districts and overlay districts are hereby established:
    • R-C Residential District
    • R-C1 Residential District
    • R-1 Residential District
    • R-2 Residential District
    • R-3 Residential District
    • R-4 Residential District
    • C-1 Traditional Neighborhood Commercial District
    • C-2 Traditional General Commercial District
    • C-3 Traditional Downtown Business District
    • C-4 Commercial-Industrial District
    • REC Recreation District
    • RO Residential-Office Overlay District
    • CRO Corridor Residential-Office Overlay District
    • HD Hospitality Overlay District
    • Riparian Corridor Overlay District
    • Transitional Surface Zone in that part of Upper Darby Township indicated on the Philadelphia International Airport Height Limitation and Zoning District Map, dated Spring 1989.
  • In the event that in the future additional territory shall be annexed into Upper Darby Township, said land shall be considered to be zoned in an R-1 Residential District until such time as it is rezoned by Township Council, unless other provisions for districting are made at the time of annexation.

Section 203 - Reproduction of the Zoning Ordinance and Map

The text of the Zoning Ordinance and the Zoning Map may be reproduced for distribution and/or sale to Township Officials and the general public. The Zoning Map may be reproduced in whole or in sections. Copies of the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map shall be maintained in the Township Building for reference by the public.