Parks & Facilities

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As an urban community which is one of the largest in the state, Upper Darby’s outdoor recreation facilities are used to capacity by the general public as well as more than fifty (50) groups and organizations. In addition, the Upper Darby Community Complex, 326 Watkins Avenue, contains meeting space and a gymnasium, which is available for evening and weekend activities.

Penn Pines Park and Naylor’s Run Park are popular areas for family picnics and group gatherings. The Department of Leisure Services accepts applications for picnic usage for these two areas.

The following is a listing of additional Upper Darby Township parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas:

  • Aberdeen Road Park
  • Beverly Hills Recreation Area
  • Bishop Park
  • Blanchard Road Playground
  • Brookwood Park
  • Cardington Recreation Area
  • Clark Playground
  • Dermond Circle
  • Dermond Recreation Area
  • Drexel Gardens Recreation Area
  • *Evans Lane Park
  • Gillespie Park
  • Golf Road Playground
  • Guilford Road Park
  • Huey Park
  • Keystone Playground
  • Kirklyn Playground
  • *Mansion Park
  • McKinley Playground
  • Michelle Park
  • Observatory Recreation Area
  • Parkview Playground
  • *Pilgrim Park
  • Scullion Park
  • Second Ward Recreation Area
  • Sellers Park
  • 69th Street Recreation Area
  • Stratford Playground
  • Westview Playground
  • Windermere Playground

* = undeveloped