Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Day

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WHEREAS, St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church is commemorating its 75th anniversary;

WHEREAS, on January 31st, 1942, St. Demetrios was established at 59th and Larchwood Avenue as a result of a large influx of parishioners during the 1930’s from the “mother” parish near center city Philadelphia;

WHEREAS, between 1949 and 1962, St. Demetrios was an active church community sponsoring Greek language classes and Sunday School for the parishioners;

WHEREAS, the Community’s objective was realized for the new generation to practice, cultivate and promote their religious and ethnic traditions and their long-standing Greek heritage;

WHEREAS, the Greek Community flourished in the post-World War II years, and, even into the decade of the 1950’s, when large groups of immigrants continued to settle with friends and relatives who were already established in Upper Darby;

WHEREAS, the large migration of families from West Philadelphia and the influx of the vast number of immigrants from Greece led to the realization that a larger church was needed to accommodate the ever-expanding Greek Community;

WHEREAS, after countless hours of fundraising, planning and very hard work, the doors of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church opened at 229 Powell Lane in Upper Darby to its ever-grateful parishioners;

WHEREAS, in November, 1985, the Cornerstone Dedication of the new multi-purpose Educational Building came to be, thereby enhancing the needs of the Greek Community;

WHEREAS, the Parish of St. Demetrios of Upper Darby has been blessed with many faithful communicants, benefactors and a countless number of dedicated workers whose faith and efforts, to this day, continue the work of the parish;

WHEREAS, it gives me great honor to extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes to the members of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church on this 75th anniversary celebration;

NOW, THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim November 4, 2017 as


On behalf of Upper Darby Township, I urge all citizens to pay special tribute to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church and acknowledge the church’s many deeds and accomplishments as it continues to grow and flourish in our Community.