Saint Laurence Day 2017

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WHEREAS, Saint Laurence was founded on June 10, 1917 by Archbishop Edmond F. Prendergrast of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia under the newly appointed pastor Maurice F. Cowl; Saint Laurence Parish of Highland Park was born into the suburbanized farmland in the Township of Upper Darby in Delaware County just west of Philadelphia.

WHEREAS, Father Cowl organized a lawn feast day, held on August 22, 23, and 24, 1918 at West Chester Pike and Park Avenue, to bring parish families together for the celebration of the first parish social. As the community developed, Father Cowl planned a church, school and convent on the grounds of West Chester Pike and Park Avenue.

WHEREAS, the Saint Laurence community has benefited from the fine Catholic influence this church has exerted through the years, and many facets of its outreach and practical assistance to the needy and its residents; and

WHEREAS, we give pause, honor and praise this day for the deep and abiding Christian commitment of those in faith who began this work, and for all those who have given so unselfishly during the many years to help the work grow and thrive, and provide valuable human services where the need was great;

WHEREAS, June 10, 2017, marks the 100th Anniversary of Saint Laurence Church in our community

THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim June 10, 2017 as


in Upper Darby Township, and further provide that a copy of this proclamation be presented to the congregation in testimony of the high regard in which this church is held in Upper Darby Township.