Multicultural Community Family Services Day 2018

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WHEREAS, the Multicultural Community Family Services organization is celebrating 15 years of excellence serving Upper Darby and the Greater Philadelphia area;

WHEREAS, MCFS is an African community-based and social service organization founded in May, 2003 by Gore and Portia Kamara operating out of the back porch of their family’s home in Upper Darby;

WHEREAS, MCFS’ goal was to bridge the gap between traditional social service providers and African immigrants resettling in the Greater Philadelphia area following years of civil wars and victimization experienced in their home countries;

WHEREAS, MCFS empowers diverse individuals, children, youth and families to gain a greater capacity to succeed in their communities;

WHEREAS, MCFS facilitates its mission by networking and collaborating with community organizations, schools, colleges, nursing homes, independent and assisted living facilities, corporations, businesses and government entities;

WHEREAS, MCFS supports community outreach programs, including job readiness, youth soccer, the Elders Circle, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, community forums, counseling support programs; community arts; and non-medical home care services to intellectually and physically disabled older adults and individuals;

WHEREAS, since its inception in 2003, MCFS has achieved, through the passion and dedication of its members, a multitude of milestones, and, as a direct result, has greatly influenced Upper Darby Township in become a welcoming and safe place for all community residents;

WHEREAS, it gives me great honor to extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes to the members of the Multicultural Community Family Services organization as they proudly celebrate their 15 year anniversary;

NOW, THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim May 12, 2018 as

Multicultural Community Family Services Day

On behalf of Upper Darby Township, I urge all citizens to pay special tribute to Multicultural Community Family Services and acknowledge this organization’s many deeds and accomplishments as it continues to grow and flourish in our Community.