Greek Independence Day

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The Greek People unveiled their national flag and declared their independence on March 25, 1821 from almost four hundred years of domination by the Ottoman Empire. Although ill-equipped and supplied, the spark of liberty and zest for life and freedom made the Greeks victorious after many years of anguish,

The Greek struggle for independence has been a light of inspiration for all oppressed nations seeking self-determination and liberty.

The Nation of Greece and all Americans of Greek ancestry will be marking this historic occasion by celebrating the “196th” Anniversary of Greek Independence Day” with commemorative ceremonies to be held on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

During this historic occasion, the Nation of Greece should be recognized for the achievements made by Greece in Arts, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Architecture, Music and Sculpture. All residents of Greek ancestry should take special pride in their inspiring and long-standing heritage.

Therefore I, Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor of Upper Darby Township, along with Township Council proclaim today, April 2, 2017 as


In Upper Darby Township, I urge the citizens of this Township to join in honoring the Nation of Greece and our Greek friends and neighbors in the observance of this historic day.