Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company Day

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Whereas, Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company is celebrating 110 years of excellence;

Whereas, Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company is the oldest fire company in Upper Darby Township; it was first organized in January of 1907 by a group of concerned citizens and received its charter on April 24, 1908;

Whereas, on April 12, 1908, the first firefighting equipment, two Babcock extinguishers, was purchased and, in 1910, the first fire-alerting system was obtained – a locomotive wheel which was struck with a hammer to alert crew members to dispatch;

Whereas, in 1911, a hand-drawn cart was purchased to accommodate the water and fire hydrant system; and in 1913, the first-motorized apparatus, a Mack fire truck, was purchased;

Whereas, over the years, Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company has continued to expand its apparatus and state- of-the- art equipment to provide the highest level of service;

Whereas, these dedicated men and women have set the standards for unsurpassed safety and are committed to protecting the lives and property of this community;

Whereas, the members of Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company exhibit the utmost pride, dedication and professionalism while placing their lives on the line in order to serve and protect this community;

Whereas, in this year of celebration, we must continue to recognize the dedication and outstanding efforts necessary to maintain a viable fire organization while also recognizing the hard work that brought us to this evening’s event;

Now, I, Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor of Upper Darby Township, along with Township Council, proclaim November 11, 2017 as


in Upper Darby Township. I urge all residents to join with me in honoring and congratulating the firefighters and staff for their outstanding service to the citizens of our community and wish them all out of harm’s way in the future.