Liberian Association of Pennsylvania Day

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Whereas, Upper Darby Township wishes to recognize the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania (LAP) and the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania is an association serving approximately twenty-thousand Liberians who reside in Pennsylvania;

Whereas, the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania was formed thirty-seven years ago for the purpose of protecting the socio-economic well-being of Liberians who reside in Pennsylvania:

Whereas, the Liberian Association continues to meet the needs of the community by providing economic help which includes support to two separate families devastated by tragic fire events , and has raised funds to help fight against the Ebola outbreak in Liberia;

Whereas, Mr. Christopher Paye Selekpoh born in Lamco, Yekepa, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia, educated in the United States, married to Mrs. Koko Gartei Selekpoh and is blessed with four children;

Whereas Mr. Selekpoh has work experience as Deputy Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Liberia, has served as General Manager of Simon International Incorporated, is the Chief Executive Officer of GOAMASEH export and import corporation and serves as the current Secretary General of the United Nimba Citizens Council in America;

Whereas, we wish to recognize that Mr. Selekpoh has been elected President of the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania;

Therefore I, Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor of Upper Darby Township, along with Township Council proclaim November 7, 2015 as:

Liberian Association of Pennsylvania, Inc. Day