Cardington-stonehurst Fire Company Number 4, Station #36 Day 2017

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Whereas, The Cardington-Stonehurst Fire Company # 4 was organized January 16, 1916 by dedicated citizens of Cardington Section of Upper Darby Township. They formed and became an important organization in Upper Darby Township.

Whereas, the men and women that have dedicated their time, talents and bravery that bring us here this evening to celebrate this 100th anniversary year of celebration and dedication to the residents of this Township.

Whereas, The Fire Company has not only provided dedicated public servants to our Community during this period, they have also provided many Township workers with quality skill sets and a solid work ethic. The Fire Company has also produced many dedicated elected officials to the Upper Darby community in the last 100 years.

Whereas, In this year of celebration we must continue to recognize the dedication and outstanding efforts to maintain a viable Fire organization while also recognizing the hard work that brought us to this evening’s event.

Whereas, Over the 100 years of firefighting this Company has worked on a number of major emergency incidents not only in their service area but across Upper Darby Township and Delaware County.

Whereas, highlighted through the memories of many in this room the major fire operations of Kresgee, Yellow Cab, Advanced Chemical, Slevins, 69th Street Shoes, 69th Street SEPTA Terminal, Arrow Restaurant, Young Supply 69th Street business district and many more too numerous to name.

Whereas, The Fire Company also contributed to many civic events, parades and natural disasters and weather related storms during the 100 years of continuous operation.

Now, I, Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor of Upper Darby Township along with Township Council proclaim November 5, 2017 as

"Cardington- stonehurst FIRE COMPANY NUMBER 4, STATION #36 DAY

in Upper Darby Township. I invite all citizens of this Township to join me in commemorating this special milestone.