Secane Pizza Day

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Secane Pizza originated in Secane, PA in 1966. It was established by Philip Bottos and John Kokalis, Greek immigrants, who came to this country to pursue the “American Dream.”

With hard work they became the staple pizza shop in the community selling their original “Pan Pizza” and Hot Oven Grinders.”

It wasn’t uncommon to see Phil and John working hard, greeting and thanking customers. Lines could be seen out the door on a Friday Pizza Night!

Customers called in, picked up, or had their orders delivered. Secane pizza was known to employ many local residents over the years as cashiers, cooks, and drivers and taught them good work ethics.

In 1985, Phil’s son took over the business in the original location, expanded the menu and continued with the original Pan Pizza and Hot Oven Grinders.

On the 50th anniversary of Secane Pizza 3rd and 4th generations of loyal customers still come from far and wide to get their Secane Pizza Pie!

Therefore I, Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor of the Upper Darby Township, along with Township Council proclaim April 9th, 2016 as


In Upper Darby Township. I invite all citizens of this township to join me in commemorating this special milestone.