General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 610-734-7726
Emergencies: Dial 911
100 Garrett Road
Room 10
Upper Darby,

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Guide to Parking

The Parking Enforcement Department is committed to providing residents with courteous and effective customer service, while operating efficiently and fiscally responsible. Our mission statement is "To provide residents, visitors, and businesses with a safe, accessible & modernized parking experience throughout the township."

Parking Enforcement operates eight municipal lots, two of which are public pay lots, Lot 1 and Lot 2. Additional municipal lots are Chatham Lot, Fairfield Lot, Jones Lot, Long Lane Lot, Samson Lot, and Wellington Lot.  

The department also enforces parking regulations as defined in Ordinance 3065 which restricts parking in certain designated areas for the purpose of street cleaning on the 200 block of Huntley, the 300 block of Huntley and the 700 block of Shelbourne every 1st and 3rd Monday morning.

Parking Violations

The Upper Darby Township Parking Enforcement Department enforces the following violations that are considered illegal parking within the municipality:

Metered Violations are numbered Codes 1-5 and include exceeding parking limits and meter violations.

Safety Violations are numbered Codes 6-15 and include the following violations:

  • (Code 6) Parking in a loading/unloading zone 
  • (Code 7) Parking in a fire zone 
  • (Code 8) Parking at a fire hydrant 
  • (Code 9) Blocking a crosswalk 
  • (Code 10) Double Parking 
  • (Code 11) Parking within 20 feet of an intersection 
  • (Code 13) Parking where the sign reads "No Parking" 
  • (Code 14) Parking in a bus stop 
  • (Code 15) Blocking a driveway  
  • (Code 16) Parking on the sidewalk 

Ordinance 3000

Please note that Ordinance 3000 allows for the immobilization of vehicles. It states "A motor vehicle found parked within Upper Darby Township upon any public ground at any time, may, by or under direction of the Director of Parking Enforcement or his designee or any Parking Enforcement Officer or any Police Officer, be booted if there are five or more Unsettled Parking Violations or five or more Unsettled Citations or three or more arrest warrants as a result of parking violations pending against the owner of the motor vehicle."