Women's History Month - Laura Wentz

Upper Darby Celebrates Councilor Laura Wentz

Laura Wentz was sworn in as Councilwoman At-Large January 2018, Elected President of Council (Jan. 2020-Dec. 2021), Re-Elected to Council At-Large in 2021 and Elected Vice President of Council for Upper Darby (Jan. 2022-July 2023).

Laura joined the Philadelphia Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) in 2009 and quickly moved up the ranks of the chapter leadership. In 2014, she was elected President of the chapter. CLUW is made up of Volunteer Women & Men throughout the country; that fight for Women's Rights, Union Rights, Workers’ Rights, Human Rights & Mother Earth’s Rights throughout the country and the world. We work with unions and our allies like Jobs with Justice, NOW, PCAPS, PUP, Planned Parenthood, Bread & Roses, Fight for $15, Our Wal-Mart, Women’s March on Philadelphia, Indivisible, Philadelphia United for Progress (Philly UP), and more. In July of 2017, Laura, as President of Philadelphia CLUW received the “Philadelphia Jobs with Justice Solidarity Award for Tireless Advocate for Progress”. In, winter of 2021, Laura Wentz was appointed President of PA State CLUW, then Elected President in 2022. 

Laura has Designed Lighting for Theatre, Ballet, Orchestra, and Choral performances since 1991. She began designing professionally in college, then in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. She began teaching Technical Theater in 1996. Laura is a member of IATSE Local #8 (the Stage Hand Union), since 2002. In 2018, Laura Designed Lights for Upper Darby High School’s production of West Side Story.

In the late 90’s, Laura lived in Upper Darby Township as a renter first in Drexel Hill, then in Upper Darby. In 2004, the opportunity came to purchase a house. Laura picked Upper Darby because of the cultural diversity and heritage of the township.

Laura began helping with the Archer-Epler VFW & AL Posts 979 and the Marching Pageantry Arts Museum in 2018. In the spring of 2019, Upper Darby 4th District Community Group under the leadership of Laura Wentz, hosted an Earth Day Celebration where vendors focusing on protecting the environment, reuse, and recycle. The Bracken Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps performed during the Earth Day event. Then in 2020, as President of Upper Darby Council, Laura hosted a Black History Month and Veterans Expo, which included so many organizations: Taylor Made Vets, Upper Darby Marine Corps, J.A.C.E., Men of Action Brothers of Faith, Mando’s Love, Multicultural Community Family, performer Edward “Ned” Hector, Bill Ives of the Marching Pageantry Arts Museum had a display of Uniforms and pieces from the Black Drum & Bugle Corps, Archer-Epler VFW & AL Posts 979 and more. 

Laura also helps in the rescuing of dogs and cats in Upper Darby. It is important to fix your pets, as well as care for them for their entire life. Please include your pets in your Will so that your Estate can pay for the care and rehoming of your pets. Unfortunately, so many cats and dogs are abandoned, then they are left to fend for themselves and reproduce creating an even greater population of strays on the streets. 

Councilwoman Laura Wentz continues to help the residents and businesses of Upper Darby. As well as, working with Recovery Without Barriers, Taylor Made Vets, the American Legion Post 214, Archer-Epler VFW & AL Posts 979 to form an Auxiliary, and Upper Darby Marine Corps. 

Councilwoman Laura Wentz has always been a seeker of the truth in all situations, especially pertaining to her job as Council At-Large. As well as, being vigilant about being as transparent as possible on the finances and actions of Upper Darby Government.

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