Transgender Day of Visibility Proclamation

Transgender Day of Visibility Proclamation

WHEREAS, Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual international event on March 31st dedicated to recognizing the bravery and accomplishments of the transgender community. 

WHEREAS, International Transgender day of visibility was founded in 2009 by U.SA.-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall, a licensed psychotherapist and the Executive Director of Transgender Michigan, created to acknowledge and honor the successes achieved by transgender people; and 

WHEREAS, On this day, we celebrate the trans people amongst us, raise awareness about the struggles that they face, and advocate for more protected rights for them in a bid to reform society; and

WHEREAS, This annual day provides a forum for transgender communities and allies to raise awareness for the need for visibility of transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people and the persistent transphobic prejudice that permeates our society; and 

WHEREAS, Transgender Day of Visibility allows the Township of Upper Darby to recognize, admire, and celebrate transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary individuals of Upper Darby; and 

WHEREAS, The Township of Upper Darby recognizes the significant contributions made by the transgender people and affirms that they are vital members of our community. Upper Darby will strive to constantly support, embrace, and cherish transgender people whose lives continue to teach our society the importance of understanding and acceptance. 

NOW, THEREFORE I, Barbarann Keffer, Mayor of Upper Darby Township, do hereby proclaim Thursday March 31st, 2022 as

Transgender Day of Visibility 

in Upper Darby and urge our community to recognize transgender individuals and their bravery. 



Barbarann Keffer, Mayor

Upper Darby Township

Delaware County, Pennsylvania

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