Parks and Recreation Professionals Day 2021 Proclamation

  Parks and Recreation Professionals Day Proclamation  

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals promote physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness through both organized and self-directed fitness, play, and activities; and

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals support the economic vitality of communities by providing frontline jobs and promotion of community revitalization; and

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals foster social cohesiveness and communities by celebrating diversity, providing spaces to gather together peacefully, modeling compassion, promoting social equity, connecting social networks, and ensuring all people have access to its benefits; and

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals support human development and endless learning opportunities that foster social, intellectual, and emotional growth in people of all ages and abilities; and

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals strengthen community identity by providing facilities and services that reflect and celebrate community character, heritage, culture, history, aesthetics, and landscape; and

WHEREAS, parks and recreation professionals help sustain and steward our natural resources by protecting habitats and open space, connecting people to nature, and promoting the ecological function of park areas; and

WHEREAS, Upper Darby supports the skilled work of parks and recreation professionals, especially those who serve in our Township and throughout Delaware County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to strengthen community cohesion and resilience, to connect people with nature and each other, and to provide opportunities for healthful living and environmental sustainability; and 

WHEREAS, Upper Darby values the essential services that park and recreation professionals and volunteers perform to provide recreational and development enrichment for our children, youth, adults, and seniors, and to ensure that our parks and recreational facilities are clean, safe, and ready to use. We are also grateful for our partnership with the YMCA of Eastern Delaware County, which allowed us to offer recreational activities for children this summer. 

NOW, THEREFORE I, Barbarann Keffer, Mayor of Upper Darby Township, do hereby proclaim July 17, 2021 as

Parks and Recreation Professionals Day 

in Upper Darby and encourage the entire community to recognize and participate in its observance.



Barbarann Keffer, Mayor

Upper Darby Township

Delaware County, Pennsylvania

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