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UPPER DARBY , PA 19082-3135

Thomas N. Micozzie
Phone: 610-734-7626
Fax: 610-734-7709

August 28, 2011 Noon

Mayor Thomas N. Micozzie is lifting the State of Emergency put into effect to address the critical situation associated with the Hurricane Irene, effective at noon today, Sunday August 28, 2011.

The Comfort Station at the Upper Darby High school has been closed.

Mayor Micozzie and key staff members manned the operation command center in the Municipal Building throughout the storm. The emergency operation command structure focused on deploying three response locations in the Township served the community properly. This structure supported the concept of Township staff located at three fire stations, Primos Secane (west), Garrettford (central) and Cardington Stonehurst (east). Each location was staffed with a Fire commander, Police commander, Public Works supervisor, and representative from the Electrical department. Each location was assigned a geographic section of our township and was responsible for all life safety matter in the designated area. This included response to fire calls and keeping the streets and highways clear of debris.

As the day progresses, we do anticipate rain and high winds through early evening. Township crews will continue to work at the process of clearing highways and other associated municipal damage. All residents are asked to be careful and use common sense as they move into the community later today.

It is acknowledge that a number of Township residents are still without power, be assured that we will continue to monitor these situations and will work with Township public safety staff, the county’s emergency staff, and PECO to prioritize these outages.

As most of the storm event is moving away from this region and as we are experiencing limited activity on the township’s emergency hot line at 610.734.7700, this operation center will close at 6:00 PM this tonight Sunday August 28, 2011

At this time it is anticipated the Township will have normal trash and recycling collection on Monday August 29, 2011.

Emergency situations should be reported to the police and fire by calling 911.

In addition, residents may e-mail concerns to

Please check The Upper Darby Township web site for updates or additional notices related to the storm. Website: or

Thank you.

Thomas N. Micozzie, Mayor