DELCO ALERT - Winter Weather 1/31/2021

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Delco Alert January 31, 2021 - Winter Storm Warning

Good morning, this is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with an update regarding the snow that is due to start today. A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for Delaware County. We expect the winter storm to impact the area Sunday through early Tuesday.

Our Public Works crews have been brining our snow emergency routes, hills, curves, and “hot spots”. Snow plans rely heavily on the cooperation of residents. Please help our Public Works, Police, and Fire Departments: Do not park at street corners, in fire lanes or in front of fire hydrants. We need to keep these areas open for our snow plows and public safety vehicles. Please utilize off-street parking if available.

Cars that are parked on snow routes will be towed beginning at 3 pm today, Sunday, January 31st.

Snow plowing will begin after snow begins to accumulate. Our Public Works department is prepared with plows and salt and is ready to go. Please stay off the road ways and avoid all non-essential travel during the snowstorm so that our salt trucks, snow plows, and first responders can move freely and keep everyone safe.

There are 125 miles of roads in Upper Darby Township. Plowing is handled in a specific order in each zone. We will have plenty of crews out this afternoon, evening, and overnight. State Highways are handled by PennDOT. We appreciate your patience as we work to address the effects of this winter storm.

If you have an emergency, please call 911. For routine questions, please contact the Mayor’s Request Line at or 610-734-7625.

This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer thanking you for doing your part to stay safe in this winter storm.


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