Nov. 20th Statement

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November 20, 2020

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division is conducting an independent investigation into today’s police involved shooting in Upper Darby. Upper Darby is cooperating fully with the DA’s office and is also conducting an internal investigation into the matter via our Police Department’s internal affairs division. All entities are holding comment while the investigation is ongoing aside from the following details:

Last night a middle aged white male was involved in an assault in Upper Darby. UDPD put out a bulletin advising that the individual was wanted on warrants in two other states and was to be approached with caution and considered dangerous. Early this afternoon a UDPD officer identified the individual and attempted to take him into custody. A foot chase ensued into the woods around the golf course. There was an altercation and the officer’s service weapon was discharged critically wounding the individual who was immediately rushed to an area hospital. All UDPD personnel are unharmed. No further details are available at this time as both investigations are ongoing.