DELCO ALERT - April 18, 2020

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Delco Alert - April 18, 2020

Hello, this is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with a message for the people of Upper Darby Township. I would like to express my condolences for the victims of COVID-19 and their families. The number of people in our community who have tested positive continues to rise. There are signs that physical-distancing measures are working but we are not out of the woods yet. The Governor has announced a three-phase plan for Pennsylvania but cautioned that reopening cannot happen until the spread of coronavirus slows further.

I want to thank those who are on the front lines of this fight including our first responders and health care workers. But, most of all, I want to thank employees at life-sustaining businesses who are keeping our community going. The Pennsylvania Health Secretary has also signed an order to protect critical workers. This includes a mandate that people must use a mask while entering businesses starting tomorrow, April 19th at 8pm. Please do your part to keep our community safe. Things will improve if we continue to work together.

Maintain physical-distance, wear a mask while out in public; donít throw your gloves or masks on the ground or in a shopping cart. The more we work together consistently to contain the virus to bring it to a standstill, the quicker this part of our lives will be over. Letís be strong for each other. In the future, we will all look back and be proud of how we responded to this unprecedented challenge.

Another quick note, concerning public health. I know that our resident canines have been getting a lot more exercise since the Emergency Declaration. Please pick up after your dog as you walk outside. Your dogís business is your business.

This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer reminding everyone to stay calm, stay safe, stay home and if you have to go out, stay six feet apart. Thank you.


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