DELCO ALERT - April 15, 2020

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Delco Alert - April 15, 2020

Hello, this is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with a message for Upper Darby Township. The number of people in our community who have tested positive continues to rise (as does the number of people who test negative). There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of people are hurting, are isolated and disappointed. We likely have a ways to go. Things will improve if we continue to work together. Please maintain physical-distance, wear a mask while out in public; donít throw your gloves on the ground or in a shopping cart. The more we work together consistently to contain the virus to bring it to a standstill, the quicker this part of our lives will be over. Be strong for each other Upper Darby. In the future, we will all look back and be proud of how we responded to this unprecedented challenge.

Tonight there is a virtual Council meeting at 7 pm. You can watch the meeting live online. Details are on our website If you cannot watch it online, you can call 786-535-3211 to listen to the meeting by phone. You will need the access code 329-581-221. Again, at 7pm you can call 786-535-3211 and use the access code 329-581-221. It is wonderful that more people than ever are seeing our meetings and having the opportunity to participate.

As a reminder, Friday, April 10th is a holiday for township employees. There will be no trash or recycling.

This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer reminding everyone to stay calm, stay safe, stay home and if you have to go out, stay six feet apart. Thank you.


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