DELCO ALERT - April 9, 2020

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Delco Alert - April 9, 2020

Hello, this is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with an update for Upper Darby Township. This is a strange and challenging time and Id like to thank everyone who is doing their part to comply with Governor Wolfs Stay At Home order. The number of positive cases being reported for Upper Darby and Delaware county continues to increase. This rise in cases shows how important it is to stay home unless it is necessary for work, weekly grocery shopping, or medical care. Self-isolating is not easy but I know that Upper Darby residents care about protecting the vulnerable and are strong enough to come through this challenge together.

If you must leave your home you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. If you are using a disposable mask or gloves, please throw them away in a trash can or bring them home. Do not litter.

As a reminder, Friday, April 10th is a holiday for township employees. There will be no trash or recycling.

The township building remains closed to the public but many of our services have been moved online. Please visit You can apply for and pay for licenses, permits, bulk trash and much more while staying safe at home. Again, that is

This can be a tough time of year to be away from family and friends. We must stay physically distant for the next while but if we all do our best then we will get through this crisis more quickly. I hope that you have a good weekend. This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer reminding everyone to stay calm, stay safe, and stay six feet apart from each other.


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