DELCO ALERT - March 22, 2020

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Delco Alert -

Good evening. This is Mayor Barbarann Keffer with an update on Upper Darby Township’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. After Delaware County merged forces with Chester County’s Health Department, we learned that as of today, 11 township residents have tested positive for the virus. Our hearts go out to the afflicted and their families and for their quick recoveries.

Our township is the largest by far in the county and it is not surprising that positives would be higher in number here. But, this is not a contest, nor is it a cause for alarm. We are headed towards a likely escalation in the number of people who test positively for the virus. Knowing that the virus has officially entered our community makes our efforts of “stay calm, stay safe and stay home” all the more critical.

The effects of the pandemic change daily and rapidly. Many of us are aware that the governors of New York and New Jersey have both issued “shelter in place” declarations over the weekend. There is also a possibility that our governor will do the same.

Until that happens, Upper Darby Township Municipal Building remains closed to the public and employees are working with a reduced and staggered schedule. As of this moment, trash, recycling, public safety, and all time-sensitive operations continue. All Township libraries, parks including athletic fields, and courts and senior centers remain closed. I would like to thank our township employees who serve our community every day and are prepared to react to any changes that are ahead.

It’s also tax season. The deadline to receive the 2% discount on Municipal Taxes will be extended to April 30th. Please mail your tax payment using the enclosed envelope or to Upper Darby Township, 100 Garrett Road; Upper Darby, PA 19082.

We have no idea when this public health crisis will subside and our administration is taking steps to adapt and to modernize. Township Council will be holding their March meeting this Wednesday, March 25th at 7pm via youtube live. Please visit for details. Public comment will be accepted via or 484-393-5861. Public comment must include your name and address.

My administration continues to work closely with County and State officials to monitor this rapidly-changing crisis . Please visit the Delaware County website for their daily updates on COVID-19.

Let’s prepare ourselves to move forward together, to contain the virus as best we can by separating physically for the next while. Let’s stay calm, stay safe and stay home. Thank you.