2020 Mayor Budget Message

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UPPER DARBY , PA 19082-3135

Thomas N. Micozzie
Phone: 610-734-7626
Fax: 610-734-7709

Tonight, I submit to Township Council the 2020 budget. While the full budget will be laid out in detail at a future Council meeting, tonight I want to provide a general overview and some additional specifics regarding my proposed budget. This has been a very hard and complicated budget to compile. I understand the economic pressure all households are facing and consider this during the process. The township administration and department leadership continually monitor township expenses and work to identify opportunities where we can tighten our belt. However, my administration also understands that being cost conscious can impact the level of services provided to our residents.

As you know, recycling and trash disposal fees charged to the Township have continued to increase over the years. The growing recycling and trash fees have placed tremendous pressure on the Township's budget. The administration is optimistic that the trash fees will stabilize in the near future; however, it is also anticipated that the recycling fees will, unfortunately, continue to escalate. These ever increasing recycling fees are often compounded by the increased recycling collectibles as well as by the mixed products improperly recycled.

The new start-up and permit fees implemented in 2019 have assisted our budget by increasing revenues. In 2019, unfortunately the Township Budget did not fully benefit from all forecast redevelopment opportunities due to outside pressures. However, I am pleased with the many possible redevelopment opportunities that are targeted for our community in 2020.

This proposed budget anticipates a .43 millage increase to the general fund. This includes a commitment to provide Fire protection service to the community of Millbourne, for which they will pay a base fee of$ 40,000 per year. The proposed budget includes an increase in the annual housing rental license fee from $85.00 to$ 135. 00 per unit. The budget also includes an increase in the sewer rental fee of $10.00 per EDU from$ 205 to $215 and a trash fee increase of $45, from $190 per household to $235.

Last year, I requested Township Council take action to implement rental fees for Township owned buildings and facilities. Again this year, I renew that request.

The Township staff has worked hard to develop this proposed budget, I welcome Council members to review the proposed budget. I furtherwelcome Council members to work with the administration to discuss or review any suggested changes to the budget.

As mentioned in the beginning, the proposed budget will be more thoroughly presented at Council's October 9th meeting.

Thank you.

Mayor Thomas Micozzie

October 2, 2019

2020 Preliminary Budget