Flooding Update

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An unexpected rainfall, North of Upper Darby Township in Radnor area, caused increased water flow down Naylorís Run tributary into Cobbs Creek. The areas significantly affected are Marshall Road at Springton Road down towards Grace Road and 69th Street. At the height of the flooding, our police, fire, and municipal personnel and some civilians rescued a mother and her child from on top of their car at Long Lane and Marshall Road. During this rescue, a police officer fell into an open grate and was rescued by our highway workers. He is currently being treated at the hospital and will be released shortly.

The severe storm North of us, along with Cobbs Creek at capacity, certainly was a major component to this localized flooding. In addition, today being trash day, and, the use of bags opposed to trash cans, has a major impact on the storm inlets as the trash flows with the driveway runoff into the streets blocking the storm inlets thus hampering flow into the culverts and streams.

I wish to thank all police, fire, fire police, municipal, highway, parks, sewer, streets and sanitation personnel for their extreme efforts in the rescues and clean-up today. In addition, I would like to thank the resident who assisted in helping rescue the mother and baby to safety.

More storms are expected this afternoon. Please assist us in making sure our street inlets are clean of debris and your trash is secure.