Snow Storm Update

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UPPER DARBY , PA 19082-3135

Thomas N. Micozzie
Phone: 610-734-7626
Fax: 610-734-7709

Snow Storm Update 4:00 PM - Thursday 3/5/15

Mayor Thomas N. Micozzie has met with his staff several times today to get updates on the snow event. Snow is expected to continue to fall into the early evening. Township crews are out in full force, salting and plowing. The forecast calls for 5-6 inches total accumulation. The Township sanitation staff has collected most of the normal Thursday Trash and Recycling routes. We have been unable to collect approximately 6 alleyways due to icy conditions. We will return to these location on Friday to determine if conditions have improved and we can safely navigate the sanitation trucks down the alleyway. At this point we anticipate normal Friday Trash and Recycling pick-up.

Here are some important facts.

  • Township Emergency staff --- Ambulances, Fire,Police are at full staff.
  • The Township Municipal offices are open regular business hours Thursday 3/5/15 and Friday 3/6/15.
  • In an effort to support crews plowing and salting Township Streets, the Police will continue to enforce all parking regulations.
  • Please assist in keeping sewer inlets, and fire hydrants clear of snow. Please do not shovel snow into the street.

Please remember every reasonable attempt should be made to clear your sidewalk once the snow has stopped. Contractors are reminded that when clearing commercial parking lots they should not push snow into the highway. This is dangerous and illegal.

Emergency situations should be reported to the police and fire by calling 911.

Thank you