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UPPER DARBY , PA 19082-3135

Thomas N. Micozzie
Phone: 610-734-7626
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January 22nd, 2014

Mayor Micozzie submitted the following to council for their approval:

The appointment of Donald P. Bonnett, Joseph Salvucci, Daniel Lutz, Robert Goldberg and Thomas Wagner to serve on a committee to conduct a study and make recommendation on the redistricting of Councilmatic district within the Township.

Upper Darby is required under the Home Rule Charter (Section 313. Council Districts) to review council districting once every ten years.

"Section 313. Council Districts

Councilman districts shall be formed of compact, contiguous territory with boundary lines following the center line of streets or natural or man-made barriers or dividing lines which shall contain as nearly as possible the same number of residents as determined by the 1970 official census with no more than a ten percent (10%) variance from the mean in any such district.

At least once in each decade in conjunction with the census of the Federal Government, Council shall review Council districts to see that they meet the criteria set forth in this Charter and in law. If districts do not meet these criteria, Council shall adopt, by ordinance, new boundary lines for Council districts."

Thomas N. Micozzie,