Thursday, June 24, 2021 - Zoning Hearing Board

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Thursday, June 24, 2021 - Zoning Hearing Board


Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board under “The Upper Darby Ordinance of 2010” will hold a regularly scheduled Public Hearing on Thursday June 24, 2021 at 7:00 P.M. via an authorized telecommunication device due to the COVID-19 disaster public emergency that has been declared by Governor Wolf and Upper Darby Township. Anyone who wishes to view this hearing can do so via the Upper Darby Township YouTube channel Those who wish to provide public comment must register on the Upper Darby Township website and you will be provided with a login code.

The Board will consider matters within its jurisdiction and will receive testimony from persons who would be affected by the Granting of this Application for Special Exception, Variance or Appeal from the terms of the aforesaid ordinances.

6-2 of 21: Application of Drexel Hill CPC LLC and Turf Club Op Co. appealing the denial of the Department of Licenses and Inspections of the request for a zoning determination and business permit of Turf Club Op Co. Applicant contends that the use is permitted as part of the existing restaurant use which is permitted under section 550-8, Table 3-1 of the Zoning Code. In the alternative Applicant requests a Variance from said section of the code; situate 5035 Township Line Road, Drexel Hill, PA. C-2 Traditional General Commercial District, 1st Council District.

6-3 of 21: Application of Ashford B. Sonii for a Variance from Section 550-42(B) to allow property to be used as a daycare with more than five children and a Variance from Section 550-33, Table 8-1 to forgo off-street parking, parent drop off and passenger loading space; situate 7151 Stockley Road, Upper Darby, PA. R-3 Residential District, 6th Council District.

6-4 of 21: Application of Ryan F. McCann for relief from section 550-33.B(5) which prohibits parking in the front yard of residential zoning districts to allow a 10’X30’ expansion of an existing non-conforming front yard parking area; situate 804 Clarendon Road, Drexel Hill, PA. R-2 Residential District, 1st Council District.

6-5 of 21: Application of Nakia Baker for a Variance from Article X, Section 550-39.C.2 to allow front yard fence to exceed four feet in height; situate 122 Harvin Road, Upper Darby, PA. R-3 Residential District, 4th Council District.

6-6 of 21: Application of 824 N. Lansdowne Avenue Associates LLC for a Variance from Section 550-37(G)(3)(b) to permit a free standing sign of 86 square feet where 40 square feet of sign area is permitted and Section 550-37(J) to permit the increase in the square footage of a non-conforming freestanding sign from 50 square feet to 86 square feet; situate 824 (aka 822) Lansdowne Ave, Upper Darby, PA. C-2 Traditional General Commercial District, 4th Council District.

6-7 of 21: Application of A.G. Auto Repair for a Special Exception under Section 550-8 to allow automobile sales of previously owned vehicles; situate 1 S. Church Lane, Fernwood, PA 19050. C-4 Commercial Industrial District, 7th Council District.

All communication relative to the zoning applications are to be addressed to Joshua Chast, Department of Licenses & Inspection, Municipal Building, Room 109,100 Garrett Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082-3135.