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The Department of Public Works is primarily responsible for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all the physical structures and facilities which are owned and maintained by the Township. The Department is responsible for compliance with the US EPA National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program in the inspection, testing, and maintenance of all storm sewer outfalls throughout the Township and upholding the high integrity of clean stormwater discharging into the nearby creeks. Furthermore, the Department oversees all residential trash and recycling collection operations.

The Department of Public Works is broken down into seven divisions:

  1. Highway - Street Cleaning
  2. Highway - Street Signs and Traffic Marking
  3. Highway - Road and Bridge Maintenance
  4. Sanitation
  5. Sewer - Construction
  6. Sewer - Maintenance
  7. Vehicle Maintenance

100 Garrett Road, Room 301
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M-F 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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Regular household trash consists of garbage, rubbish, and waste material generated in private homes or apartment houses with less than five units. The following items may also be acceptable to regular collection, if properly prepared for pick-up.

  • Mattresses or box springs: Put out with your regular trash, but limited to only one (1) each per collection. Bedding cannot be rain soaked and should be placed in a sealable clear plastic or vinyl mattress bag. Mattress disposal bags are sold at most major retailers and home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and
  • Grass clippings: Place in a bag in the trash can, not loose in the can.
  • Carpeting: Cut down to 3 feet in length, rolled up and tied in a bundle. Each bundle should not exceed 40lbs and cannot be rain soaked.
  • Branches: Cut down to 3 feet in length and tied in a bundle. Each bundle should not exceed 40lbs. Branches should not be greater than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Large Glass Items or Broken Glass: Any large glass item such as glass table tops and mirrors should be broken down and placed in a sealed box. To prevent serious injuries, please do not place any broken glass in trash bags
  • Paint:
    Latex Paint (water based): Remove lid from can and the paint must be completely dried out. Use kitty litter or a “paint dry” product if needed.
    Oil based Paint is a hazardous waste and is not acceptable. Check calendar for the location of a hazardous waste drop-off event.
  • Small Furniture Items: Small tables and chairs will be picked up with your regular trash but are limited to only one (1) furniture item per trash collection.

Collection Time: Trash must be out for pick-up no later than 7:00 A.M. on your scheduled trash day. Cans must be removed from the trash line no later than 6:00 P.M.

Trash Can Size: Trash cans should not exceed 32 gallons in size and should not have permanently attached lids. Cans larger than 32 gallons, or cans with attached lids, may not be completely emptied due to the can size or attached lids.

Weight limit: The combined weight of a trash can and the trash contained within it shall not exceed 40lbs. This includes days when there is an excessive amount of rain and the can fills with water. (It’s helpful to punch drainage holes in the bottom of your trash can.) The allowable total combined weight per household pick-up is 200lbs.


Upper Darby Township offers pick-up service for the occasional large household item commonly referred to as Bulk Trash. Some examples of items that are unsuitable for the Regular Trash Collection include large metal appliances, filing cabinets, air conditioners and TV’s. Large furniture such as sectional sofas, sleep sofas and metal framed recliners are also considered Bulk Trash.

There is a $10 fee per item that must be paid prior to pick up. Contact the Department of Public Works at (610) 734-7713 with any questions, and to schedule a Bulk Trash pick-up. The fee can be paid here:

The Township will NOT take the following items:

Residential “Clean Outs” related to the sale of property or expiration of rental lease agreements, residential contractor or landscape contractor materials or debris of any kind, fencing, BBQ grills, portable basketball nets, exercise equipment, dirt, rocks, concrete, bricks, hazardous waste, metal drums, oil tanks, gas tanks, tires, furnaces, boilers, pianos.

Highway Roads and Bridge Maintenance

The Highway Roads and Bridge Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the physical maintenance of all Township roadways; i.e., roadway repair, snow removal, de-icing of roads, and providing barricades for road closures. This Division is also responsible for maintaining the structural integrity and repair of all Township vehicular and pedestrian bridges.


The Highway Street Signs and Traffic Marking Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the installation or removal and maintenance of all signage on the public right-of-way. The Division also conducts painting of pavement markings on all local and permitted streets and municipal lots.

Sanitation & Recycling

The Sanitation Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation of the pick-up and safe disposal of trash and single stream recycling. Trash pick-up is collected once a week throughout the year and twice a week pick-up during a period of time in the summer. Single stream recycling is collected on a weekly basis throughout the year. Yard waste and Christmas tree collections are other collections scheduled on certain days during the year. The Sanitation Division also provides the daily service of scheduled bulk pick-up for each resident within the Township.

Street Cleaning

The Highway Street Cleaning Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the sweeping, removal and safe disposal of debris from the Township.

Sewer Construction

The Sewer Construction Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the construction and repair of the Township's storm and sanitary sewer system and public facilities.

Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the Township's storm and sanitary sewer system. The Sewer Maintenance Division is available 24/7 to respond to emergency 911 calls during the night due to sewer back-ups or overflows stemming from the Township's sewer mains. The Township consists of approximately 100 miles of sanitary sewers and approximately 90 miles of storm sewers and stream channels.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works is responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of all municipal owned and operated vehicles. The Vehicle Maintenance Division also services the Township's gasoline and diesel fueling stations.

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