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The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for performing staff functions for the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer and assisting departments in carrying out their duties. The Department is directly responsible for several of the Township's services. Those services consist of the Townships communication & computer systems, housekeeping and maintenance for the Municipal Buildings, employee insurance benefits and the Request Department.

100 Garrett Road, Room 203
Office Hours
M-F 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
For email inquiries, please see our contact page

Director of Administrative Services is Scott Alberts

The duties of the Administrative Director are:

  • Administer the personnel system of the Municipality under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer and subject to the provisions of law, the Charter, or Ordinance, including such matters as:
    • Recruiting and selecting persons for municipal employment;
    • Developing and maintaining the position classification and pay plans;
    • Participating in labor relations programs;
    • Developing and maintaining personnel rules and regulations;
    • Assisting departments in developing and conducting employee training and development programs;
    • Assisting departments in preparing personnel planning programs;
    • Developing and maintaining records reflecting all aspects of the service of municipal employees.
  • Provide assistance to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officers in the development of administrative analyses:
    • Assisting departments and other units of the municipality in the development of administrative manuals and in the solution of administrative and organizational problems; and
    • Performing such research and studies as the Mayor and/or the Chief Administrative Officer shall direct.
  • Provide for custodial Services for municipal buildings.

Request Department is where the residents of Upper Darby can call to request township services. The department is staffed by two service representatives who can take requests concerning health issues, animals, trash, signs, sewers, graffiti, fire hazards, abandoned vehicles and license/permit/zoning violations. You can reach a Service Representative by phone at 610-734-7625 or by submitting your request online

The Maintenance & Housekeeping Department is responsible for the management, care, and servicing of property and equipment at the Municipal Building. It performs both preventative maintenance and general repairs on office equipment, air conditioning units, heating system, and the interior & exterior of the building structure. In addition, it is responsible for overall cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the property.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for supporting the Township’s employee relations, benefits and compliance functions.

The Township staff consists of nearly 500 full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees creating a diverse workforce of non-bargaining and unionized employees, including administrative, clerical, and skilled workers, Police and Fire Fighters.

In an effort to create a professional experience for our employees, we focus on recruitment, orientation, training, retention and retirement planning. Upper Darby Township strives to maintain a workforce of capable and dedicated employees. Additionally, Human Resources and Township Administration ensure that its employees adhere to the Home Rule Charter, Administrative Code, Collective Bargaining Agreements and Township policies.

The Insurance Department processes all property, casualty, automobile, and workers' compensation claims as well as coordinates and communicates medical benefits and COBRA to our employees and retirees.

The Human Resources Department supports our employees in a fulfilling career, which in turn provides dependable and professional services to the residents of Upper Darby Township.