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Upper Darby Township’s Comprehensive Plan reflects the Community’s Vision for:

Quality community facilities and programs

Safe, clean, & vital neighborhoods accessible to all

Vibrant, attractive, & safe commercial and employment centers

Safe, efficient, & accessible transportation



Racial Diversity


Housing Value



Trend Analysis

Community Conditions

Commercial Area Conditions


Recreation & Open Space

Flood Prone Areas

Opportunities for Change

Overall Opportunities for Change

Neighborhood Preservation & Revitalization

  • Expand home-ownership programs
  • Promote & market stable neighborhoods & community assets
  • Explore the benefits of Neighborhood Conservation Districts & Historic Districts
  • Alleviate property tax burden through aggressive commercial reinvestment
  • Improve parking and apply traffic calming in residential neighborhoods
  • Establish a CDC in Reinvestment Neighborhoods

Economic Development Strategies

  • Continue to support and promote the Market Street Gateway project
  • Establish a non-profit organization and/or a Chamber of Commerce to promote commercial reinvestment
  • Establish a redevelopment authority or become more active with the Delaware County Redevelopment Authority for targeted reinvestment
  • Establish a Business Improvement District in the 69th Street area
  • Establish relationships with educational institutions
  • Expand Tax Incentive Programs
  • Amend zoning regulations to accommodate businesses

Transportation Enhancement

  • Investigate capacity & signal improvement techniques on problem corridors and intersections
  • Prepare a sidewalk improvement plan
  • Locate employment opportunities near transit stops to encourage transit use
  • Partner with SEPTA to install crosswalks, signage, benches & lighting at transit stops
  • Prepare a parking management plan and establish a parking authority
  • Apply traffic calming techniques in select areas

Recreation & Open Space

  • Seek opportunities to convert undeveloped properties to and open space
  • Work with other agencies (County, land trusts) to acquire open space
  • Partner with the County, neighboring communities, or religious institutions to expand recreation programs
  • Improve signage and access to recreation areas
  • Investigate “rails to trails” opportunities

Natural Resource Protection

  • Create a Floodplain Conservation District
  • Create a Riparian Corridor Conservation District
  • Update tree preservation regulations
  • Develop a flood hazard mitigation plan

School Facilities


Evaluate Zoning Ordinance and Land Development and Subdivision Regulations for consistency with Comprehensive Plan

Update zoning and subdivision regulations

Coordinate with Delaware County Redevelopment Authority

Continue to implement the Market Street Gateway and Renaissance Plan

Establish a 69th Street Planning Task Force

Establish business association on West Chester Pike

Establish a local environmental / greenway organization

Continued coordination on Darby Creek Greenway

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