Permit Guidelines

Installation of decks, porches, patios or greenhouses

Typical Deck Worksheet (Example)
Typical Deck Worksheet

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Installation of above or below ground pools or other accessory structures such as spas, or hot tubs
Above Ground Pools

  1. They are not permitted in front yards.
  2. They must be 5' from side and rear of property lines, 8' from house.
  3. 4' fence with self locking gate or decking with railing and self-closing ladder also a door alarm might be required.
  4. Electric is a separate permit. Also verify there are no overheard electric lines in the path of the pool.

You must Submit:

  1. A complete and accurate plot plan, showing the size and location of pool with distances. Also fencing and/or special items.
  2. A drawing or accurate brochure of pool.
  3. You must submit THREE (3) copies of both A and B.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

All of the above requirements plus:

  1. Sealed drawings prepared by a professional engineer including topographic drawing, and diving board if there is one. Building coverage is part of this and make sure plot plan is complete and accurate.

Installation of sheds or garages

You Must Submit:

  1. A complete and accurate plot plan showing the size of the shed and the distance from both property lines and other structures.
  2. Construction detail drawing or accurate brochure
  3. You must submit THREE (3) copies of both A and B.

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