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Hurricane Irene Individual & Public Assistance

Individual Assistance (IA)

FEMA has announced that they will open a Disaster Recovery Center in the County on Saturday, September 24th at 1PM which is initially set to be open for 2 weeks with daily operations 10AM to 7PM. This Center may stay open longer based on need. The Center will be at the Darby Township Municipal Building located at 21 Bartram Avenue (near Ashland) with off-street parking in the rear of the building. Your residents and businesses can continue to use the phone or web portals during this time or they may come in to the Center to speak with someone. Representatives from FEMA, SBA and various Commonwealth Departments (reportedly) will be on hand to deal with the issues facing disaster victims. PEMA and FEMA have information listed on their websites.

Public Assistance (PA)

This program is moving on a slower timeframe than IA but will be ramping up soon. As we did not have all of the damage reports in at the time of the PA Assessment there will be a re-assessment that will take place sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks. We have not received any substantial reports against TS Lee so our focus is on Hurricane Irene. If you did not have a visit from the inspection team one will be scheduled and if you did have one but reported new damages that were missed at the time of the first inspection they will be back to review those new items. If you did not have your damage report completed please take the time to do it now as this will be likely be the one chance you get for a redo.

As usual any governmental agency or authority, public school district or public/private non-profit organization is eligible to submit claims for all categories of damage for Hurricane Irene and only Emergency Protective Measures for TS Lee. The quick definition of Emergency Protective Measures is any measure that is taken to save lives, protect public health and safety, and to protect improved property. It must eliminate or lessen the threat presented. Straight time wages are not eligible unless they are for part-time or temporary workers brought in to work the event. Any extra staffing that you brought in above your normal complement is covered at 100%. Feeding of crews is also covered, we are very sorry but they will not compensate Volunteers though they will pay equipment rental off of the FEMA rate sheets for vehicles used.