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Following is the list of officers that received commendations and awards at a ceremony held Monday, December 6th, 2010. This year's awards ceremony was held at the Upper Darby High School Performing Arts Center.

Commendations of Valor

Officer Raymond Blohm

While engaged in combat with an armed adversary, Officer Blohm sustained multiple gunshot wounds, returned fire and apprehended a dangerous subject.

Commendations of Bravery

Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

While in an undercover role, CI Pecko was met with an armed adversary attempting to commit a robbery. CI Pecko fired upon the subject and successfully brought a string of robberies to an end.

Life Saving Award

Officer John Donohue and Sergeant Donald Peterson

For the successful life saving efforts in the near drowning of a two year old child.

Officer William Sides

While on patrol, Officer Sides discovered a subject attempting to commit suicide and saved a person from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Commendations of Merit

Officer Randy Desrosiers, Officer John News, Officer Thomas Thompson

For the apprehension of two suspects who were committing an in-progress pedestrian robbery.

Sergeant Anthony Vaughn

Two weeks after the commission of a robbery, Sergeant Vaughn observed a male fitting the description of the suspect wanted for the crime. The male was apprehended after a foot pursuit.

Criminal Investigator Leo Hanshaw

Criminal Investigator Brad Ross

Officer Robert Bennett

Criminal Investigator Arthur Erle

Officer Dustin Clark

Officer Anthony Capodanno

For the apprehension of, and subsequent investigation into several suspects committing gunpoint robberies in the township.

Criminal Investigator Donald Beese

Criminal Investigator Kevin Dinan

Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

Officer Steven Cortese

For the investigation into and arrest of a suspect wanted in several burglaries in the Secane section of Upper Darby Township.

Officer Kristine McAleer

Acting alone, Officer McAleer responded to a robbery in-progress call, then pursued and apprehended a male involved in the incident.

Officer John Millison

After a vehicle and foot pursuit, Officer Millison apprehended a male who had in his possession a large quantity of currency, narcotics, and instruments used to distribute narcotics.

Officer Stephen Tarozzi

For apprehending a suspect who had stolen a police car from a neighboring jurisdiction.

Officer Charles Peterson and Officer Jonathan Resinski

For demonstrating initiative by apprehending two suspects in Philadelphia after a robbery incident in Upper Darby Township.

Officer Steven O'Connor and Officer John Redheffer

After a home invasion robbery, Officer O'Connor pursued an armed suspect on foot and placed him into custody.

Officer John News

Upon observing an assault in progress, Officer News arrested the actor and potentially saved the victim's life.

Officer Jeffrey Thrash

For observing a male suspect in a charity theft incident a week prior. These observations lead to the male's arrest.

Officer Sean Kenny

For the apprehension of a suspicious male who had in his possession a sizable amount of narcotics.

Officer John News and Officer Sean Kenny

After Officer News initiated a vehicle stop, he and Officer Kenny located a loaded firearm from within the vehicle after the suspect made attempts to retrieve it.

Officer John News

For observing a male fitting the description of a home invasion suspect, who had in possession a quantity of narcotics. This arrest led to the arrest of the male for the home invasion.

Officer Sean Kenny, Officer Michael Monaghan, and Officer Stephen Oreskovich

After an extensive field investigation, these officers arrested suspects involved in a robbery. Also located during this incident was a quantity of narcotics.

Officer Stephen Cristinzio

While on patrol, Officer Cristinzio apprehended two suspicious males who had just committed a burglary.

Captain George Rhoades

Criminal Investigator Louie Panagoplos

Criminal Investigator Brad Ross

Criminal Investigator Daniel Oliveri

Criminal Investigator Arthur Erle

Criminal Investigator John Cunningham

Criminal Investigator Leo Hanshaw

For the investigation of a homicide in the Stonehurst section of Upper Darby Township.

Captain George Rhoades

Criminal Investigator Arthur Erle

Criminal Investigator Brad Ross

Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

Sergeant Thomas Sharp

Criminal Investigator Daniel Oliveri

Criminal Investigator Louie Panagoplos

Officer Raymond Blohm.

For the investigation of a homicide inside a local bar.

Captain George Rhoades

Criminal Investigator Louie Panagoplos

Criminal Investigator Philip Lydon

Officer William Tully.

Sergeant Thomas Sharp

Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

Criminal Investigator Daniel Lanni

For the investigation of a homicide that originated in Lansdowne.

Officer Steven Russo

While assisting with a traffic stop, Officer Russo found himself in a dangerous situation which resulted in him discharging his weapon in order to save himself from harm.

Unit Citations

Lieutenant Thomas Johnson

Sergeant Scott Lewis

Officer Raymond Blohm

Officer Dustin Clark

Officer Stephen Ford

Officer Kristine McAleer

Officer Angelo O'Rangers

Officer Jeff Thrash

Officer Jeffrey Dougherty

Officer Randy Desrosiers

Officer John News

Officer Matthew Rinderer

Officer Edward Silberstein.

Sergeant Harold Parsons

Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

Officer Daniel Breslin

Officer John Donohue

Officer Joseph Garrity

Officer Walter McDonald

Officer Riocard Russel

Officer Wayne Whitlock

Officer Sean Kenny

Officer Kevin Fitzpatrick

Officer Steven Oreskovich

Officer Kevin O'Gara

For their work in the critical stages of the incident surrounding the shooting of an Upper Darby Police Officer.

Lieutenant Glenn Gamber

Officer Mark Brown

Officer Thomas Gardner

Officer William Kiley

Officer Michael Scott

Officer Montess Trapp

Officer Stephen Cristinzio

Sergeant Amanda Pombo

Officer John Callahan

Officer Frank Guille

Officer James Lutz

Officer Kelly Seace

Officer William Tully

For their efforts during a horrific storm which caused severe damage throughout the township, flooding, and power outages.

Law Enforcement Award

Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Officers

Sergeant William LaTorre

Enforcement Officer Gerald Donati

Enforcement Officer Frank Spera

Enforcement Officer Justin Clarke

Enforcement Officer Ryan Rutter

Enforcement Officer Tarra Cook

Enforcement Officer Brian King

Enforcement Officer Andre Brown

Enforcement Officer Hamilton Ringgold

Enforcement Officer George Tritz

Enforcement Officer Brian Farrow

Enforcement Officer Chante McKoy

Enforcement Officer D. Vincent Caesar

Enforcement Officer Michael Dever

Enforcement Officer Tara Amato

Enforcement Officer Christopher Keisling

Enforcement Officer John Bernesky

Enforcement Officer Erick Gall

Enforcement Officer Edward Mullen

Enforcement Officer Libby Hess

Enforcement Officer Jason Suppin

Enforcement Officer Kareem Davis

Enforcement Officer Christopher McGrath

Enforcement Officer Sharon Rooney

For their ongoing assistance with the Upper Darby Township Police Department in investigating claims of state code violations.

Delaware County Criminal Investigator James Frey

For his assistance in apprehending several subjects wanted for a home invasion robbery

East Lansdowne Police Officer James Carr

For assisting Upper Darby Police in apprehending a robbery suspect.

Citizen Award

Mr. John DiGiacomo

For assisting the Upper Darby Township Police Department in crisis negotiations with a mentally and emotionally impaired civilian.

Mr. Thomas Wooding

For observing and extinguishing an undetected fire which could have led to a more serious blaze.

Mr. Bryan Dempsey

Ms. Mary Ann Brennan

Ms. Carol Van Zandt

Mr. Rocky Picarelli

For their various contributions to the Upper Darby Police Department, including invaluable assistance on criminal investigations and the use of their private facilities for police training purposes.

Rasheen Bingham

For interceding when an armed suspect was threatening another civilian.

Michael Digregerio

For his assistance in apprehending a bank robbery suspect.

Dr. Michael Kapolka and Rosemary "Roe" Morris

For their years of dedication to the Upper Darby Police K9 Unit.

Administrative Award

Sergeant James Reif

Officer Amanda Klingensmith

Officer Robert Wheatley

Officer Ryan Wiseley

Officer David Ostien

Officer James Taylor

Officer Stephen Ford

Officer Robert Bennett

Criminal Investigator Daniel Lanni

Officer Eric Colella

Officer Michael Givens

Officer Anthony Bateman

Officer Francis Devine

Officer Stephen Cristinzio

Officer Francis Guille

Officer Stephen Oreskovich

For their work in the fifth grade mentoring program.

Sergeant Timothy Law

For his ongoing work as the Department's training supervisor.

Commendatory Letter

Officer Stephen Tarozzi

For apprehending a male in possession of stolen property, including a vehicle, that was taken during a burglary.

Criminal Investigator Matthew Rowles

Officer James Hoback

Officer Michael Monaghan

Officer Stephen Tarozzi

Officer David Ostien

Responsible for the apprehension of, and investigation into a subject who had attempted to murder his girlfriend.

Sergeant Donald Peterson, Officer Anthony Capodanno and Officer Wayne Whitlock

Responding to the scene of a home invasion, these officers apprehended a male wanted for a gunpoint robbery out of the City of Philadelphia.

Officer Thomas Thompson

Officer Riocard Russel

Officer Edward Silberstein
K9 partner, Arco.

Upon receiving a radio call for a burglar alarm, these officers apprehended two males who had forcibly entered a home.

Officer Jeffrey Thrash

For apprehending a male wanted for robbery with a firearm and recovering the currency taken.

Officer John News

Upon receiving a call for a disorderly group, Officer News, who was nearby, uncovered a robbery attempt.

Officer Daniel Breslin

For apprehending a male seen on video burglarizing a local beer distributor.

Evidence Technician Scott Brookes

For his work in the homicide investigation within a local bar.

Photo Gallery of the Ceremony